CategoryDavid Hodges

Nothing in November / Rien en novembre


Nothing in Novemberbut dark daysof black seas ragingpounding the broken shore,blinding sprayand the foam roaring,pouringthrough the red teethof the red raw rockscarred by the buffetingof endless stormsand the wild sea lashing.Dark days merge into sightswhen the sea of my heartrefuses rest. When the biting coldchills the bone,and the endlessroar and motion,and the cryof the storm-crossed...

The Old Priority


What mysterieslie hidden here?Leaning spire, grey stone walls,tower, pond and rushes;heavy doors and cobbled floors,stone steps spiralto a loft and tower above;below, the choir,the chant now silent;sanctuary with its barrelled ceiling;Ogham stone with its Crossand ancient script;old gatehouse, dovecote,cloister, kitchen with its oven,monks’ living quarterswith battlements above;an ancient...