The Lady Marionette


Joe Sharp

The Lady Marionette

Jojo feels an urging to do something
An itchy twitching in the coiling of a string
A youthful longing to be tapping tippy toes
To the lively music of the piping piccolos

In his dreams he dances to the minuet
With Annabelle the lovely Lady Marionette
Jojo fears his frame of brightly painted lumber
Is deemed not to be awakened from its slumber

Within a cardboard cell he sheds a little a tear
The unhappy prisoner of a lazy puppeteer
Lonesome awaiting the summertime vacation
With circus clowns and joyous celebration

Hoping and longing to dance the minuet
With Annabelle the lovely Lady Marionette
But alas and behold this heap of tinder wood
Is not quite assembled precisely as it should

Is he to be a captive for another lonely year?
This unhappy prisoner of a lazy puppeteer
Suddenly awakened from a year long sleeping
Into the darkness the puppeteer is peeping

Ten skinny fingers are clutching at his strings
Two little puppets are in the air on swings
He holds her hand gently on a fairground carousel
The lovely Lady Marionette, Jojo’s Annabelle

The sun is slowly setting as they dance the minuet
Jojo kisses Annabelle she twirls a pirouette
The carousel is stopping the music slowing down
Lantern lights are dimming in the houses of the town

The puppeteer is yawning as he gathers up his trade
Packing up his puppets for the puppeteers parade
He has trouble disentangling the two he near forgot
The lovely Lady Marionette and Jojo tied the knot.


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