. . .do not feel
that i am distant in your mirage
that i am hidden from you mosaic
that i am fading from your canvass

. . .i am an orphan these days
bereaved by life’s cruel cudgel
sentenced to crumbs and droplets
bandaged to the whims of betrayed hopes . . .

love is blemished
trust is tainted
desire beclouds judgment
when lust rules the senses . . .

…so do not feel
that the rush of your stream swirl
is silent in my soul

i feel the passion of your rippling waters
i hear the swish of you roiling waves
i touch the wind of your refreshing hopes

…and i
orphaned as i am in this bleak season
will sing a sweet song each breaking dawn
and let my laughter ring into twilight
and embrace the calm peace of night

waiting for the sun
to raise you again

in my broken heart. . .

©David Diai

With the kind permission of the author

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