Jamaica is One Love


One Love in children born
from a mother’s voice calm as a river
in Ghana; a father’s hands rough
as Scotland’s shale; a brother’s arms
strong as bamboo from Shaanxi ; a sister’s
shoulders resilient as banyans from Nepal.

One Love is whispering streams,
waving ferns, winding roads through green
valleys that surprise
with a drop into turquoise waters.

One Love is the fathers and mothers
who every day harvest food and drink
for their children from the bounty
of the earth and evergiving sea.

One Love is a people in the midst
of blue mountains and orange sunsets
who stitch together sun and rain
into a thundering silence
to soothe our minds and souls.

One Love is to have known pain,
yet refusing to surrender to sorrow,
and abandoning ourselves to joy.

One Love is the spirit in which we live
One Love

Geoffrey Philp

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