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Ode to Creation


The Spacious Firmament on high, With all the blue Ethereal Sky, And spangled Heav’ns, a Shining Frame, Their great Original proclaim: Th’ unwearied Sun, from day to day, Does his Creator’s Pow’r display, And publishes to every Land The Work of an Almighty Hand. Soon as the Evening Shades prevail, The Moon takes up the wondrous Tale, And nightly to the list’ning Earth...



Our lives, discoloured with our present woes,
May still grow white and shine with happier hours.
So the pure limped stream, when foul with stains
Of rushing torrents and descending rains,
Works itself clear, and as it runs refines,
till by degrees the floating mirror shines;
Reflects each flower that on the border grows,
And a new heaven in it’s fair bosom shows.
(Joseph Addison)



The spacious firmament on high,With all the blue ethereal sky,And spangled heav’ns, a shining frame,Their great original proclaim:Th’ unwearied Sun, from day to day,Does his Creator’s power display,And publishes to every landThe work of an Almighty Hand. Soon as the evening shades prevail,The Moon takes up the wondrous tale,And nightly to the list’ning EarthRepeats the...