I see a land of desperate droughts and floods:
     I see a land where need keeps spreading round,
     And all but giants perish in the stress:
     I see a land where more, and more, and more
     The demons, Earth and Wealth, grow bloat and strong.

     I see a land that lies a helpless prey
     To wealthy cliques and gamblers and their slaves,
     The huckster politicians: a poor land
     That less and less can make her heart-wish law.

     Yea, but I see a land where some few brave
     Raise clear eyes to the Struggle that must come,
     Reaching firm hands to draw the doubters in,
     Preaching the gospel: “Drill and drill and drill!”
     Yea, but I see a land where best of all
     The hope of victory burns strong and bright!

    By Francis William Lauderdale Adams  (27 September 1862 – 4 September 1893) 

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