A Patient Man

Joe Sharp

A patient man is a priceless pearl
A proper prince among paupers
Slow to ponder time to dwell
A fragrant meadow for green grasshoppers

A happy man is a fertile furrow
A hayfield buzzing in Mother Nature’s hold
A bunny rabbit beside the warren’s burrow
Sifting sand to find the pot of gold

A gentle man is a God sent medallion
An imaginary halo around his humble head
A mother’s pet, a maiden’s model stallion
His offspring happily sleeping in the bed

An honest man is a breath of new mown hay
Stacked up snugly in the farmer’s harvest
Eagerly awaiting the trials of the day
Confidently knowing which policy is best

Patiently awaiting
Happily celebrating
Gently creating
Honestly debating
The complexities of life

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By poesiedumonde