The Dreep


Joe Sharp

What can I dae aboot this continual dreepin’
Frae my nose a’ the day even when I’m sleepin’
The Doctor says he can dae naethin’ aboot it
He said it’s no’ like somethin’ ye can take it oot an’ shoot it

I went tae the Chemist tae pick up my prescription
An’ afore I went in, I gave my hooter a good blow
But as I bent o’er the counter tae sign my description
Water frae the well o’ my nasal canal began tae flow

The lassie was awfy good an’ didnae make it an issue
She just went roon’ the back
An’ when she came back
She gave me a big paper tissue

In the Post Office oot o’ the rain
An’ I noticed my sleeve was a’ damp
Wi’ wipin’ the dreep as I walked down the street
It was handy for stickin’ the stamp

It’s no’ bad today, now I’ve found a way
A good way tae kick it
I just lick it.

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