Son et Lumière


England’s petite nautical Norman church, St Nicholas.
A high altar apex oasis, green Uphill downs
Sound swept by howling savanna winds.
Wondrous panoramic views, fluttering Chalkhill Blues.
A time out of time, sweet Aromatic Thyme.
Dark Viking hours, treading on Yellow Rock Rose.
From the flame, to the crest;
The returning rambling robin constructs her nest.

Seafaring limestone pavement floor, exulting standing tall.
The spirit of the seas, the swashbuckling Weston breeze.
Nature’s propellant pulse, ascending a marine shell sorrow.
Nay, the morrow embraces thick round twig hedges
Spaced in abandonment, like a lonely glacier lake
Awaiting the caressing dance of Easter’s green wake.

Anthony Keyes 

With the kind permission of the author

from the book “Poetic Realms: Including the Weston-super-Mare Seashore “

Published by Atlantique (3 May 1999)

Photo: St Nicholas Church

(Source: Private)


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