I love the jocund dance


I LOVE the jocund dance,

The softly breathing song,

Where innocent eyes do glance,

And where lisps the maiden’s tongue.

I love the laughing vale,         

I love the echoing hill,

Where mirth does never fail,

And the jolly swain laughs his fill.

I love the pleasant cot,

I love the innocent bow’r,         

Where white and brown is our lot,

Or fruit in the mid-day hour.

I love the oaken seat,

Beneath the oaken tree,

Where all the old villagers meet,         

And laugh our sports to see.

I love our neighbours all,

But, Kitty, I better love thee;

And love them I ever shall;

But thou art all to me.

William Blake  (1757–1827)

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By poesiedumonde