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The Olive Branch


Sadly I walk’d within the field,To see what comfort it would yield;And as I went my private way,An olive-branch before me lay;And seeing it, I made a stay,And took it up, and view’d it; thenKissing the omen, said Amen;Be, be it so, and let this beA divination unto me;That in short time my woes shall cease,And love shall crown my end with peace.   Robert Herrick (baptized 24...

The Sadness Of Things For Sappho’s Sickness.


Lilies will languish; violets look ill;Sickly the primrose; pale the daffodil;That gallant tulip will hang down his head,Like to a virgin newly ravished;Pansies will weep, and marigolds will wither,And keep a fast and funeral together;Sappho droop, daisies will open never,But bid good-night, and close their lids for ever.
Robert Herrick (baptized 24 August 1591 – buried 15 October 1676