Autumnal Wish


Bed me in autumn’s leaves, Beloved;
take me under this red-gold canopy,
under October’s crystal sky.
Lay yourself on me; cover me
like a carpet of shimmering gold.
Let me inhale autumn’s fragrance
with your rich, warm man-scent.
Silver frosts our hair, Beloved;
our eyes are shadow-grayed.
But the fires of our youth still smolder
in glowing embers needing but
a breath of crisp, sparkling air
to burst into vibrant flame
and warm an autumn’s night…
Share with me again this love
that has grown and ripened
nigh these thirty years
round, sweet and full as red apples.
The passion of youth is hot and quick,
but time has taught us patience
and the trembling joy of each kiss,
each sigh, each potent thrust.
We are Zeus and Demeter, locked
in love, in longing, in renewal.
This is our season, Beloved;
so bed me autumn’s leaves.

Deborah Kellogg  10/09/13


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